I am very proud for all my personal distinctions in wedding photography contests during 2015.

I participated in PWS (Photo Wedding Stories: http://photoweddingstories.com) first half and second half of 2015 and in WPV (Wedding Photography Videography: http://wpv.gr) photography competitions and I am proud to be awarded in all three events.

Wedding photography is a very challenging type of photography. A wedding photographer must capture the moment, control everything on the spot, be alert the whole time and be inspiring for his bride and groom so as to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and free their emotions with no hesitation.

Being a wedding photographer has many aspects… Not only do I have to be alert to catch the moment and make the right click, but also I have to see beyond the image, and find out the hidden potentials

You have been waiting for quite some time… Planning it, dreaming about it, organizing every little detail. And now it’s happening! It’s your wedding day, and you are preparing yourself to be the bride…!!!

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